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Thursday, January 20, 2011

the western meal

first destination was KL.. we just arrived right after the lunch hour.. that is 2 something in the evening.. (sorry guys i forgot the time coz 
it's happen a week ago.. n the idea suddenly come just now.. why today??!! why not after i just have this meal??!! gosh..=_=')
oke.. we continue the story..

mac n cheese

Arabiatta Penne

  fish n chip

before we arrived to my cousin's.. we suggest that we having lunch first.. but they didn't told where.. so   the location was the swensen's at subang parade, Kuala Lumpur..

after the meal.. we suggest to have a dessert too.. the earthquake ice cream.. the combination 8 different flavour of ice cream.. but we decided to take only 2 flavour.. that is sticky chewy chocolate n lemon sherbet.. kinda sour actually ><..

i think that's all for now..
to be continue for next post..

trimas krne m'bce..sorry 4 broken english..klu suke like je..klu x suke bleh blah.. :)

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